The Rotary Press broadcasting George's sale

The Rotary Press is a mechanism used to print Midas Money by the Financial District. It resembles an octopus gripping a golden rod attached to the Financial District's "Total Asset's" Counter. It converts collaterated futures into Midas Money, but can also be reveresed and convert Midas Money back into futures. However, this will not return the future, merely reintegrate it into reality. The Rotary Press is controlled by two Darkness Cards. Mikuni and Yoga are both in posession of said card, giving them the power to start, stop, or reverse the Rotary Press at will, as long as they have sufficient funds. The effects of the Rotary Press converting futures is that people become lethargic or disappear entirely if their futures are somehow involved with an Entre's, until they are eventually taken as collateral. Assets can feel the effects of the Rotary Press in action and complain of a "Strange, throbbing feeling" when's it's in motion. At the center of the Rotary Press is a pulsating heart-like organ, indicating biological components.