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Title RPG
Band School Food Punishment
Ending Song # 1
Starting Episode Episode 01
Ending Episode TBA
Ending Song Guide

Romaji lyricsEdit

Mado kara sotto esukeepu shite

Yoru no machi ga Role Playing Game ni kawaru

Yajirushi ni sotte izanawareta Iromeku sekai

Hajimari no aizu hibiite iru

Karadajuu koikogareru Kimi ni aitakute hashirinuketeku Yami wo tobikoete

Kuraimakkusu nante Konakutatte Ichi ka bachi ka no kiken na kake datte ii sa Ki wo hiite Kimi ni ima hamacchaitai nda

Te ni shita bakari no mirai sae Sutoorii kakikaeteku yo

English lyricsEdit

Going through the window, I quietly escape,

And the city in the night changes into a role playing game.

Following the signposts, I was called to a colorful world.

The signal to start is echoing.

I long for it with every bit of my body. Wanting to meet you, I’ll run on through, Flying over the darkness.

Even if there is no climax, I’m fine with a gamble where the risk is all or none. Stand out and turn heads! Right now, I want to sink into you.

I’ll rewrite the story – at least the future that just came into my hands.

Watch it NowEdit


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