Name (Kanji): キュー
Name (Romaji): Kyū
Status: Unknown (Most Likely Alive)
Gender: Female
Height: 166cm (5'5")
Eye Color: Brown
Seiyuu: Saori Gotō

Mikuni's main Asset, as well as partner. She is known as the strongest Asset in Financial District.


Like Msyu, Q looks like an imp-like creature, with fairly white skin and brown eyes. Her hair is mostly light teal. She wears a light purple-colored one-piece skirt. She is very similar in appearance to Msyu, for they both have horns which sprout from their heads. Above her ears, Q has light purple fur and green antlers.


She is quiet in nature, and also very shy. She, like Msyu, appears to act a bit more human-like compared to other Assets, though not to same extent as Msyu. Even though she likes to eat, she only eats money. Despite her shy and quiet personality, she seems to become much more vicious and brutal in combat. During Mikuni's battle in Episode 4, she was seen surrounded by a red aura, with an intimidating look on her face. She seems more interested in Msyu than in any other asset.


Not much is known, but it seems Q was saved by Sōichirō a few times, which made her appreciate him. She was Mikuni's first asset.


Ep11 ,4

Q's real appearance as Mikuni's sister.

Q has been fighting as Mikuni's main and strongest asset. She fights for her Entre of her own will. Unusually for an Asset, she can decide to act on her own, without Mikuni having to declare her Flations. This may be a consequence of Q eating Midas Money (her Flations are in a way "paid in advance").

Since Mikuni's Deal style is based around minimizing the damage to his opponent, and Q's power is completely absurd, she more often than not acts as Mikuni's secret weapon, very rarely used in combat. Usually, Mikuni relies on Kakazuzu and Aurore instead.

Although this is not mentioned until near the end of the series, Q actually has the same face as Mikuni's little sister. Since Q is supposed to represent his future, it implies that Mikuni's goal was to let his sister arise from her coma.

Powers & Abilities Edit


A flation that changes Q into a beastly figure, able to "bite" space and eat whatever was within it. This power is extremely different compared to most Flations, and appears to be a whole different level of Flation as the Announcer stutters when announcing it, unable to decide whether it's a Micro, Mezzo or Macroflation. This terrifying ability explains why both Mikuni is feared and why Q has an appetite for the Midas Money.

When Q uses this ability, a glowing circle with spikes pointing inwards (like a stylized mouth with sharp teeth) appears on the space she is targeting and shrinks away within a fraction of a second. As soon as the glowing circle disappears completely, the target area is ravaged by an invisible force that instantly consumes and destroys everything inside. When she hits another Asset with this ability, she gains that Asset's whole power. She can also destroy other Assets' attacks with it.


Q eating Kakazuzu

After the flation was used, it can be seen that Q enjoys the "meal" as she licks her lips right after. It is implied that Q can cannibalize Entrepreneurs as well, as when she smelled the skin of Jeniffer, she said "I smell something delicious".

In marketing strategy, cannibalization refers to a reduction in sales volume, sales revenue, or market share of one product as a result of the introduction of a new product by the same producer.

Macroflation - Economic BlockadeEdit

When activated, Q's horns grow into a webbed shape, scintillating with power. A red wave is then unleashed from Q's eyes, stopping the movements of the enemy and their attacks, and also changing the affected area's colors to a negative palette. Q can continue to move and attack. Targeted enemies can still speak, so it's not a complete time stop.

In financial terms, an economic blockade is the stop of import and export between the outside world and the target. A company can be blockade, so it won't have any means of income through its exports and imports, but blockades can also be done to a whole country. If so, the country does not have any trade whatsoever, making its economy go stagnant.

Unknown - Shadow Form Edit

Although this is not a Flation, Q is also observed to have the ability to turn herself into a shadowy figure that emerges out of an opposing asset's very body in a gruesome fashion. She can then use melee attacks against the unfortunate foe without them being able to escape in any way.

Flight Edit

Q is able to fly at great speeds, leaving a purple trail in the air behind her.


Sōichirō MikuniEdit

She is Sōichirō's main asset. He always takes care of her. Later it is seen that she resembles Mikuni's sister Takako.


The two of them are very similar, and show interest in each other.


Another asset of Mikuni that seems to be connected to or protect Q. She acts like a bodyguard and in many of the background scenes they're seen together, either lying or sitting together.


  • Q has a verbal tic, where she ends every sentence with "na no desu"
  • Q is the only asset who clearly and explicitly represents her Entre's future (his sister), while all others remain a mystery. The only exceptions to this may be Msyu (Kimimaro's daughter) and Sennoza Ko's Karma (an angelic asset which reflects his humanitarian ideals).