Naoya Makita


Name (Kanji): 牧田直也
Name (Romaji): Makita Naoya
Status: Deceased (suicide)
Gender: Male
Affiliation: Salary man
Seiyuu: Hiroki Yasumoto
Anime: Episode 01
An Entré who became Bankrupt and died at the very start of the story.


Brown hair and light brown eys, Naoya wears a business-like suit, but in a somewhat sloppy manner. He has a stripped sweater and white shirt along side with a green necktie under his jacket. It is noted that he is somewhat unshaven and wears yellow glasses. Like any other Entré, his eyes turns gold when in the Financial District.


When he appears at the start of the story, he is already in large debt. He takes hasty actions and tries to win his first Deal in the Financial District, which is against Sōichirō, but loses it right away because of that very haste. He does not think much about what for the good, but the money itself; basically, greed.


He has been in the Financial District for a very short time, fighting his first deal at the start of the story.


Naoya is in need of money, therefore he initiates his first Deal, which is with Sōichirō. Thinking he could win, Naoya is defeated, therefore Bankrupt. With no future left, he commits suicide by jumping in front of a train.


His asset's name is Bee-woman (hachi-onna). It is a hornet-like asset.

Powers & AbilitesEdit

He holds the basic powers of a Entré, such as using the power of Direct.