Kimimaro Yoga


Name (Kanji): 余賀公磨
Name (Romaji): Yoga Kimimaro
Age: 19
Status: Alive
Gender: male
Height: 178cm (5'9")
Hairstyle: Brown, short
Eye Color: Light Brown
Seiyuu: Kōki Uchiyama
Anime: Episode 01

Kimimaro Yoga is the main protagonist of C.


He has brown hair and light brown eyes. He is plain looking, including his outfit, which is a blue jacket, a white shirt, and black jeans, for he tries to conserve as much money so he doesn't go "luxurious".


Kimimaro seems to be rather protective of his family and friends, especially his father and Msyu. This protective personality makes him stand out among the other Entres, as he is very scared and worried about harming others. This fear is emphasized when he defeats his teacher and accidentally wipes his children from existent. He is also nice because he is closest to his asset treating her has a person.

though he falls under Mikuni's influence early in the series. though at first following him as a sort of wise teacher. he begins to let him influence him into a colder more brutal individual as seen in episode 6. he was initially agents dueling Sennoza because of the fallout that would result for such a duel, and was going to take the pass as not to hurt anybody. But when Mikuni told him he was being a coward and was stupid to worry about every body else he decided to do it anyway. Not wanting Mikuni think bad of him, he abounds a much colder greedier personality to impress him. But the change is extremely short lived, not even lasting to the end of the episode. Once he sees the needless pain he caused Msyu and seeing all the fallout form bankrupting Sennoza, he realizes what a fool he was to let his pride lead him to hurt others, and resolves to protect the people and things closest to him over pleasing Mikuni.


Prior to the start of the story, when Kimimaro was a baby he was left by his father and some time later his mother died leaving him with his aunt. He lives on a small amount of money throughout his college days.


Kimimaro was shown to be a regular college student studying at Heisei University of Economics. Despite being a college student, Kimimaro was shown to be very dedicated and focused on working in civil service even to the point of studying for the civil service exams during his classes. One day, while eating lunch with his friend Hanabi Ikuta, Kimimaro is invited by two other classmates to go out drinking to which he refuses. After school he attends his two part-time jobs in mini-marts. While at one of his jobs, Hanami visits to drop off her notes for the pop quiz the next day. After thanking her for the notes he then asks her if she wants to go out for a drink, to which she declines since she's out with her boyfriend. Reaching home Kimimaro starts studying and eventually falls asleep.

During the middle of the night, he wakes up to be interrupted by a visit from a strange gentleman who introduces himself as Masakaki. Masakaki then persistently tries to convince Kimimaro to become an Entrepreneur/Entre and come to the Financial District. Kimimaro tries to decline but to no avail. Masakaki leaves Kimimaro with a deposit of 500,000 yen to convince him. While in school Kimimaro acts distant and contemplates as to whether or not he should use the money. Eventually, he decides to use it. He was then given a Midas Card by Masakaki, taken to the financial district, and strong armed to participate in Deals.

After entering the financial district, Kimamaro faces many opponents, familiars or strangers, and is recruited by Mikuni. He joins Mikuni's guild, hoping that he can help to stop the effects on the real world. But when he found out that when Mikuni is protecting the present, he is also taking away the good of the future.

Kimimaro with his Darkness card.

Seeing that this is wrong in his eyes, Jennifer Sato proposes a plan to stop Mikuni's plan. Kimimaro agrees and decides to help her. When Jennifer is defeated by Mikuni though, Kimimaro sums his courage to face him and stop the printing of money caused by Mikuni's Darkness card ability. At first, Mikuni is the only one who can control this printing of money, but with the "interference" of Masakaki, Kimimaro too receives a Darkness card at that moment.

After defeating Mikuni with the help of the decreased value of the Yen, Kimimaro reverses the wheel to return all the Midas Money back to the Midas Bank and to return the future to everyone. After that he is back in the real world, sitting on a bench. It is indeed better than the rustic and poor scenario before defeating Mikuni, but a few things are just different. His relation between Hanabi has become from friends to acquaintances to strangers, which is one of these differences he clearly saw. Masakaki then appears right next to him apologizing for the change of Hanabi Ikuta. Masakaki also said that Kimimaro can revive the Japanese Fiancial District if he so wishes by calling for him. After that he pulls out his Midas Card which became totally white with nothing on it showing that he can't use it anymore without the revival of the Japanese Financial District. He then decided to walk around the city to see the changes that appeared.


Kimimaro's asset is Msyu. He got to know the Finacial District and adapted to the situation fast, but her strong powers are still a blessing for him.

After Jennifer's lost Deal, Kimimaro received Jennifer's Asset Georges.

Powers & Abilities Edit


Jennifer SatoEdit

Kimimaro and Jennifer became friends after talking about C and Mikuni's actions. They wanted to get the future taken by the Midas Bank back. But Jennifer went bankrupt during her Deal with Mikuni.

Hanabi IkutaEdit

Kimimaro has bit of a crush on his classmate even though she already has a boyfriend. Other than that, he seems to have no other friends. But she seems to have forgotten about him after the first printing of Midas Money by Mikuni. After the reverse spin of the Rotary Press she forgot about him totally.


Several people have noted that Msyu being a very powerful Asset, is a blessing for Kimimaro as she is the reason why he is still able to survive in the game. Kimimaro had a vision seeing his daughter named after her. While she disappears during the reverse spin of the Rotary Press she and Kimimaro kiss each other revealing that she has romantic feelings for him.


Masakaki was the one who brought Yoga to the Financial District.

Sōichirō MikuniEdit

Kimimaro is scouted by Souichirou to join the Starling Guild, as his disinterest in money interests him, and that Souichirou sees his younger self in Kimimaro. It is unknown as to why Souichirou wants to watch over him. Over time Kimimaro gets more and more angry at him because of his way of seeing things.