Jennifer Sato


Name (Kanji): ジェニファー・サトウ
Name (Romaji): Jenifā Satō
Age: 31
Status: Alive
Gender: Female
Height: 180cm (5'11")
Weight: 61kg
Seiyuu: Mayumi Asano

An agent working for the International Monetary Fund who is investigating the Financial Districts and somehow was invited to become an Entré at the same time. She is also curious about Mikuni's sudden interest in Kimimaro.


She has blue-grey eyes and blonde-silver hair that is braided or tied into a ponytail. She wears a business-like suit.


She likes to eat food, especially fast-food, and tends to have lots of it on her, shown by the fact that she had three burgers in her car. She also talks with a weird Western intonation when speaking to others, even though she could speak Japanese fluently and normally.


Jennifer was sent by the International Monetary Fund to find the purpose of the Financial District, and also to find a way to stop its expansion and effects on the real world.


At the beginning Jennifer is mostly seen observing the Financial District. But as she saw the District move more and more, she became more concerned of its future whether this is because of her job or not is never explained.

Later on, she talked with Kimimaro about C and Mikuni.

Jennifer upon going bankrupt

They both decided that they will get the future taken by the Midas Bank back, by taking Mikuni's black Midas Card and reversing the Printing of Midas Money. But since Georges wasn't at his full power she couldn't win against Mikuni and went bankrupt. Before disappearing she gave Georges to Kimimaro saying that Georges is her future and he should take care of it.

Even though she went backrupt, when the peoples future was returned to them, it is seen that she's still alive after. It is unknown what her future is from here on. But it can be assumed that she got the her future that was taken by the Midas Bank back even with the fact that she went bankrupt.

During the Deal between Yoga and Mikuni, Sato makes a quick apperance where she is seen laughing like a lunatic in the middle of the deserted streets. Afterwords, when Yoga has control of the flow of money, we see her again, this time sitting in a stairwell eating another lollipop. What happens to her after remains unknown.

Asset Edit

Jennifer's asset, Georges, is an extremely large wolf-like creature with wings and a single horn in the middle of its forehead. Georges' Mezzoflation "EBO" allows her to mask her Deals in a thick fog to hide and cloak her battle style. His Macroflation "Mergers and Acquisitions" allows Jennifer to take control of opposing Assets, though the use of this ability is very limited. Georges is also a shapeshifter, able to take on Jennifer's form to trick opponents. Like with Kimimaro, Georges' incredible strength is the reason why Jennifer has not gone bankrupt for a long time, even though she is inexperienced in Deal-making. After she lost to Mikuni, she gave Georges to Kimimaro.


Kimimaro YogaEdit

She appears to have a soft spot for Yoga. This may be because of an actual affection for him, but it is more like a feeling as if he's a precious friend.

Sōichirō MikuniEdit