Status: Alive
Gender: Male

A chaffeur for Entres between the real world and the Financial District.


Seeming to be old, he has grey-white hair and eyes with a small grey pupil. He wears a drivers suit, similar to a business suit. His cap bears the insignia of the Midas Bank - the head of King Midas.


Only being a chaffeur, he drives the car without disobeying an Entre's request to go between the two worlds.


Not much is known of Itanade, even the fact if he's originally from the Financial district or the real world.


He usually chaffeurs the Entres in and out of the Financial District. He may be one of the original people who made the district or just a hired person, but this will remain a secret. It is also unknown of who chaffeurs the Entres of other countries, whether its someone exactly like him, just like Masakaki, or a totally different personality.

Powers & Abilities Edit

No actual abilities are known outside his use of the taxi. It also seems he can "multiply" in order to taxi several Entres at the same time.


Itaneda has ties to all entres as he is the only one who can get them to and from the finacial district



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