Name (Kanji): ジョルジュ
Status: Alive
Anime: Episode 03

An asset of Jennifer Sato. It is her only asset. He was later bought by Kimimaro Yoga.


Georges appears like a giant white wolf that has purple eyes and a horn with a blue-colored tip. Its lower body (legs and tail) is also coloured blue. It has wings on top of its upper body reminiscent of a butterfly. It is unknown whether those wings are decorative or allow for flight.


He seems quite friendly around others unless he feels danger.



Powers & Abilities Edit

Mezzoflation - E.B.OEdit

This flation creates a dense fog cloaking Jennifer and Georges from the opponent's sight. Within this fog, Georges can take on the form of Jennifer to trap opponents. This fog also serves a secondary purpose - masking Jennifer's deals from the sight of observing Entres to hide her techniques from public knowledge.

E.B.O stand for Employee Buyout, a shareholder technique.

Georges Controling

Georges controlling Kakazuzu.

Macroflation - Merger and AcquisitionEdit

This powerful flation allows Jennifer to steal her opponents' Assets. The technique is apparently used through Georges' horn. She used this to steal Mikuni's Assets, Kakazuzu and Aurore, but Georges' horn shattered when she tried to take control of Q. Whether this is because Georges is limited to only two uses per Deal, because Q is too powerful or because Jennifer ran out of funds to use the Flation is unclear.

Mergers and Acquisition (abbreviated as M&A) refers to the aspect of corporate strategy, corporate finance and management dealing with the buying, selling and combining of different companies and similar entities that can aid, finance, or help a growing company in a given industry grow rapidly without having to create a subsidiary or other child entity. Mergers usually means the legal union of two or more corporations into a single entity, while acquisition refers to the "takeover" or purchase of one party (the target) by another party (the aquirer, or bidder).



Georges being sold.

Jennifer SatoEdit

Georges is the asset of Jennifer Sato. After Jennifer lost to Mikuni she sold all 10 stocks of Georges to Kimimaro, saying that Georges is her future and he should take care of it.


Georges seems to like Mysu allowing her to use him as a pillow and lay on top of him when they are near one another