Q- cannibilazation

Mikuni activates Q's "Cannibalization" Flation ability.

A "Flation" is the term used to describe an attack in "C". It can be assumed that "Flation" is used to describe "Inflation", an event caused by economic stress. There are three levels of Flations (Micro-, Mezzo- and Macro-) each one costing more and doing more damage. A cost can be attached to a Flation to increase it's attack power, presumably until it reaches the "Mezzo-" (at least 1 million Midas Dollars) or "Macro-" (at least 10 million MD) marks. A Microflation's power can be increased exponentially by attaching more money than the minimum. Mezzo- and Macro- Flations have names, while Microflations do not. All Assets can perform a "Charge" that can be activated at any Flation rank. When this occurs, the lower half of the Asset's body turns into a jet of that Asset's respective color and power. This allows them to move very quickly and ram into each other at high speeds. During the performance of a Flation, the Asset's horns glow to process the Midas Money, upon which the Flation commences.

Characters and Their FlationsEdit


Mezzoflation- Scorched Earth; a business technique that requires the liquidation of assets and assumption of liabilities in order to appear undesirable to an agressive company.

Macroflation- Overheated Economy; a state in which overinflation causes producers to oversell and the overall worth of a currency to drop drastically.


Macroflation- Economic Blockade; an embargo placed upon a certain trade or business

???flation- Cannibalization*; when a company introduces a product into a market area where they are already selling a similar item.

  • this attack does not have a Flation value, as it "breaks the rules" somewhat


Mezzoflation- E.B.O (Employee Buyout); a restructuring event where employees buy major stakes in their company, shifting the balance of power

Macroflation- Mergers and Acquisitions; when a two companies combine to form a conglomerate (Merger) and a company is bought with no change to the buying company (Acquisitions)


Microflation- Sleeping Beauty*; a company that has not gained it's true potential due to lack of funds or poor management

  • this attack is the only Microflation to have a specific name


Mezzoflation- Regular Combat*

Macroflation- White Knight; a person or company that buys a business that is on the verge of takeover from another unfavorable party (referred to as the "Black Knight")

  • Kakazuzu's Mezzo- and Micro- Flations are simply his regular hand-to-hand combat skills


Mezzoflation- Freeze Out; when stockholders are pressured into selling their shares by methods such as rapid liquidation of assets or large-scale terminations


Mezzoflation- Dead Man's Trigger; a situation in which stocks of a certain company are on the verge of being radically increased or decreased at the drop of a dime


No upper-level Flations available


Mezzoflation- Trojan Horse; a corporate takeover technique that allows stockholders to overthrow a company


Mezzoflation- Great Wall; an event that allows a company to be protected by the combined total of their assets


Mezzoflation- Pacman Defense; a retaliation technique in which a company tries to takeover a busness, and the targeted business turns around and lashes back


Mezzoflation- Gatekeeper; certain requirements that need to be met before a stockholder can buy, sell, or hold stocks


Mezzoflation- Angel; an investor that is not focused on gaining capital, but is focused on the well-being of specific people in the company

Misc. Flations:Edit

Mezzoflation- Poison Pill; an anti-takeover strategy in which the company purposefully makes it's stocks and shares seem unappealing

Mezzoflation- Insider On; a technique in which a company has someone on the inside of another company who is willing to provide confidential information

What Flations RepresentEdit

In the show, Flations are assigned values that are injected into the Midas Bank upon activation, "Inflating" it's economy. In reality, Flations are large influxes of money that have an adverse effect on the economy. All of the Flation names draw some sort of parrallel between real-life business techniques, and their effects in the show mostly reflect the effects in real-life. The Midas Bank is assumed to use Flations to keep it's capital total relatively stable, but due to Mikuni and other Entre's large gains, the Flation system grows unbalanced. When the Midas Bank runs out of money, or the Rotary Press is spinning, Flations can be interrupted mid-perfomance or have their effects mitigated.