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Ep4 title

Air Date May 6, 2011
Episode 4
Opening Song Matoryoshka
Ending Song RPG
Episode Guide
Cultivation (Training)


Kimimaro finds himself up against one of his teachers, Mr. Ebara. In the end, Kimimaro defeats him, which makes Mr. Ebara bankrupt. The next day, Ebara brings Kimimaro over to his house for a talk, revealing that he entered Deals to support his family. Therefore, his punishment for bankruptcy made it so his children never existed in the first place. He also mentions the Starling Guild which Mikuni is a part of, which is supposedly trying to prevent the Financial District's effects on the real world. Mikuni brings Kimimaro to observe one of his duels against another high level Entre, purposely holding back his strength to win by a 1% margin so that he doesn't effect the real world. After witnessing the duel, Kimimaro becomes determined not to lose so he doesn't have to make anyone else suffer.

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