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Ep3 title

Air Date April 29, 2011
Episode 3
Opening Song Matoryoshka
Ending Song RPG
Episode Guide


Jennifer Sato is an Entre from an organization trying to discover the purpose of the Financial District. Meanwhile, Kimimaro goes to visit his aunt to ask about his parents, who mysteriously disappeared one day. While looking through his dad's belongings, he finds a journal pertaining to the Midas Bank and decides to go to the Financial District for answers. Mikuni takes him to meet a strange photographer who tells him that his father was a strong Entre who went 'bankrupt' in a deal and ended up hanging himself. Although Kimimaro is initially annoyed that all his father thought about was money, Mikuni hints that it may have been for the sake of providing for his family, suggesting he should think of something or someone to use his money for. Kimimaro soon enters his second deal, where he encounters a familiar face.

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