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Ep8 title

Air Date June 3, 2011
Episode 8
Opening Song Matoryoshka
Ending Song RPG
Episode Guide


As some of the Financial Districts banks start to go bankrupt, the countries themselves starts to rapidly shift into poverty around the Entres, with people becoming lethargic or disappearing altogether. After stopping Ebara from committing suicide, Yoga tries to convince Masakaki to let him pay a fee in order to return Ebara's future, but he is told that it is beyond his power to do such things. As Yoga later finds out that Ebara had died in a car accident, he decides to burn a large amount of his Midas Money as a sort of mark of his change in mind. As Mikuni and the Starling Guild plan to stop something called "C", the SouthEast Asian Financial District goes bankrupt and starts disappearing, along with the country of Singapore.

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