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Ep7 title

Air Date May 27, 2011
Episode 7
Opening Song Matoryoshka
Ending Song RPG
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Confidence (Credit)


Mikuni's past is revealed, in which he quit his hobby as a rock musician to become a secretary under his father. When his ill sister Takako's condition started to worsen, his father prioritized putting money into his company over sending her to a better hospital. After Takako goes into a coma a few days later, Mikuni focuses on business so he can plot his revenge upon his father. Soon after, he's approached by the Midas Bank and begins dealing in the Financial District, thereafter taking over his father's business. Back in the present, Msyu reflects on her relationship with Kimimaro, who becomes curious about the nature of futures which take the form of Assets. When Kimimaro notices an Entre teasing his Asset, he initially holds in his irritation, but after talking with Msyu, he decides to go back and fight against him. As Kimimaro goes home that night, he starts to notice a few buildings that had disappeared.