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Collapse (Provisional)

Ep9 title

Air Date June 10, 2011
Episode 9
Opening Song Matoryoshka
Ending Song RPG
Episode Guide


As Singapore disappears parts of Hong Kong and Shanghai are affected by a phenomenon called "C". Mikuni uses his card ("darkness") and its ability to preserve Japan the way it is before it is affected by the financial collapse of Southeast Asian Financial District. In exchange for 20 years of Mikuni's future Masakaki allows the printing of a large quantity of Midas Money which is deposited into his account. Mikuni and his colleagues use the Midas Money to invest in the failing institutions all over Japan. Artificially propping up failing banks and enterprises spares the Japanese economy but with that comes unintended consequences. Though the present is saved, the future of Japan is uncertain. People begin to disappear, poverty increases, birthrates decline, and morale is seen dropping all around. These signs of economic downall shows how the Financial District is also goingto fall.

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